Living our BA Values in Support of Black Lives Matter

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June 4, 2020


Living our BA Values in Support of Black Lives Matter 

Washington, D.C.: Today is a National Day of Mourning to honor the lives lost in the Black community, as well as to demand reform.

The BA Women’s Alliance supports justice for Black lives and stands steadfast with Black women and the Black community as a whole. We mourn the loss of George Floyd, as well as the many other Black women and men who have been unjustly and senselessly killed in a system fueled by a history of white supremacy that persists today.

We value community. It is our work to lift the voices and work of the Black community up and provide support alongside them. Today and every day.

To build the future we all imagine requires that we not only recognize the pain in the Black community but also do the work to become better allies. This is the work of turning some of the BA values—compassion, tenacity, curiosity, courage—into meaningful action. We strive to be “anti-racist feminists” not just in words or on social media, but in how we show up, each moment, each day.

This is especially true for individuals like me: people who are white and continue to benefit from the privileges of whiteness.

So, here are a few ways to support today:

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