The BA Women's Alliance offers many resources to strengthen, empower, and advance women in society. Reference the links below to access our resources combining research, advocacy, and practice in supporting the advancement of women.


Women Take Washington: Guide for D.C. Interns:  Provided to all applicants of the EmpowHER program, the WTW Guide provides resources for women who make the bold decision to intern in our nation’s capital, working to improve the world in which we live.


Rise Up: Interns, their Workplace Rights, and the Tools to End Sexual Harassment: Read and download our white paper and fact sheet (page 9-10) to learn how to combat sexual harassment.

EmpowHER Sexual Harassment Guidence

EmpowHER: Implementing Sexual Harassment Guidance in the #MeToo Era: Originally published in the PEAK Insight Journal, this article presents research, solutions, and impactful roles one can take in a world associated with sexual harassment.

Leveling The Playing Field

Leveling the Playing Field: This white paper describes the current state of the field of internships in the U.S. Read the report to learn about the benefits, challenges, and opportunities of internships in the U.S., including ways that you can help to level the internship playing field.

Solving for XX

Solving for XX: Challenges and Opportunities for Women in STEM: This white paper describes the current state of women in STEM, identifies five critical points in which women tend to diverge from STEM fields, identifies factors that push and pull women out of STEM, highlights the unique opportunities these fields represent and provides recommendations for getting women to stay.

BA 2017 Annual Report

The BA Women’s Alliance 2017 Annual Report: View a summary of our achievements during the year, including $100,000 in scholarships for 19 women that helped them launch their professional careers in Washington, D.C. and throughout the nation.

5 Years of Impact

Five Years of Impact: Read our report to learn about our accomplishments since our founding in 2011 and the measure to which donor support has impacted the lives of 38 smart, driven women throughout the nation.