Volunteers are a vital aspect of the B.A. Rudolph Foundation. We pride ourselves as being more than a nonprofit, but a family. We know our supporters and scholars personally, and ensure they have ample opportunity to know each other. We rely on our supports to volunteer their time right from the beginning: they reach out to their alma maters to ensure students are aware of our scholarships; they review applications each year to help select awardees; they come to our annual BBQ to welcome our new scholars to Washington and to the family; they mentor throughout the summer and beyond; and they donate what they can to ensure that the Foundation can continue to support women.

If you are interested volunteering with the Foundation, please email Kristen Hecht at Kristen@BARudolphFoundation.org.


Who will you be?




Committee Member


100% of donations go toward scholarships. Every dollar counts!

Be paired with a scholar in your field to offer professional support, guidance and networking.

Help us reach out to universities and organizations to connect with potential scholars and build partnerships.

Review scholarship applications as part of our Application Review Committee (ARC).

Time Commitment


Less than 10 minutes, anytime! 

6 hours a year, between May-September

~ 3 hours twice a year, in the Spring and Fall

Up to 18 hours over two weeks in the Spring.



Visit our Donate page, and make your tax-deductible contribution via PayPal or mail a check.

Meet with a scholar at least once a month during their summer internships. Offer professional advice and networking opportunities.

Participate in outreach campaigns surrounding application season and events by reaching out to organizations with whom you have a relationships.  

Participate in 45 minutes training call or video, review up to 20 scholarship applications over two weeks, meet (in person or over conference call)s with your ARC Team to discuss and select candidates to be interviewed.



$65  will buy groceries for one scholar for a week.

$150 will buy a student work-appropriate clothing for their internship.

$1500 entirely funds one scholar for one month.

Helping a scholar navigate their new field and make important career decisions is one of the most important and impactful ways to support women launching their career. They’ll carry your wisdom with them for life.

Do you remember your first mentor? I thought so.

The more organizations that know about us, the more women have access to our support. One outreach email to Smith College yielded six Smith applicants and two selected scholars! 

The number of application we receive has grown exponentially each year. As a supporter of the Foundation, we want your input in selecting the most qualified candidates. These young women will be the heart and soul of the Foundation! 

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