Vision Statement: The B.A. Rudolph Foundation is creating a society in which women have equitable access to the profession of their choice, so they can create the world they imagine.

Mission Statement: The B.A. Rudolph Foundation champions women who, like B.A., seek to make a difference in the world, and for whom a small amount of support makes a significant difference in their personal and professional development.

Our Values: The B.A. Rudolph Foundation, a progressive source of funding and other resources, aims to advance and enrich the lives of women. As a progressive organization, we value freedom of choice, opportunity for all, respect to all, and cooperation among all in a complex world that requires multi-faceted solutions. The B.A. Rudolph Foundation is committed to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This includes supporting women who are Dreamers, first-generation college students, LGBTQI individuals, people of color and people with disabilities through our scholarship and grant programs. We support individuals and organizations who share these same values.

Who We Serve: Throughout her life, B.A. Rudolph showed by example what it meant to be a strong, generous, progressive, humorous, independent woman. In her honor, the Foundation champions diverse women, especially from traditionally underrepresented communities, who model and advance progressive values, and for whom a small amount of support will make a significant difference at the start or restart of their careers.