The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Scholarship is intended for female undergraduate students preparing to enter a profession in the sciences, who are applying to or have secured an unpaid internship in a related field. Applicants must be rising juniors, seniors, or be recent college graduates (graduated no more than 10 months from the application deadline). There is no requirement regarding the applicant’s major or focus of study, as long as the internship focus requirements are met. Internships can be of any type or format the student chooses, but must be directly related to the sciences (i.e. research lab or project, non-profit organization, hospital/clinic, etc.). Internships may take place anywhere in the United States or territories. We anticipate accepting four scholars each year, although this number may be adjusted according to the volume of applications received.

The intention of the scholarship is to cover the cost of living and some travel expenses for those who otherwise would not be able to afford such an opportunity. Applicants must therefore demonstrate financial need (see Overview for details).

The financial award consists of $1,600 per month (4 weeks) for the length of the individual’s internship, and therefore will be calculated for each accepted scholar. Each scholar is assigned at least one mentor to lend guidance on entering and navigating her profession. Additionally, the Foundation will informally connect the scholar with others that we feel would be useful contacts outside of the assigned mentor(s), as another opportunity for networking within her chosen profession or interest.

The B.A. Rudolph Foundation is committed to the principle of diversity in all areas. In that spirit, we are particularly dedicated to reaching applicants from a broad spectrum of qualified people. Applicants with diverse backgrounds, experiences, ability and perspectives are encouraged to apply.


  1. Female
  2. Either entering Junior or Senior year of college following internship OR a recent graduate (graduated no more than 10 months from the application deadline)
  3. Applied or accepted to an internship in a STEM field
  4. Commencing internship on or after May 1st, completing internship no later than September 30th of the same year, and lasting at least five weeks (applicants with internships starting shortly before May 1, or ending shortly after September 30 may apply, but the majority of the internship must occur over the summer, and be considered a summer internship, not spring or fall). The Foundation can fund a maximum of 12 weeks of the scholar’s internship.
  5. All internships must be full-time (at least 30 hours per week)

2018 Dates and Deadlines

February 1: Begin accepting all applications

April 4: STEM Scholarship applications are due by Wednesday, April 4, 11:59 PM, EST

April 28-29: STEM Interviews (by phone)

May 2: STEM Notifications


  1. Read the Overview of our scholarships and the application process
  2. The application for the STEM Scholarship is below. The online application requires the use of a compatible web browser listed on the Overview page. Applications started in any other browser will not successfully save or submit. PLEASE NOTE: Each scholarship has its own application. If you are applying to more than one scholarship, please use the same username and password when accessing each
  3. Create a username and password
  4. You will immediately see the application
  5. Complete each required field, and click “Submit” at the bottom of the page
  6. You may complete portions of the application, save the draft, logout, and return later to complete and submit the application
  7. You will receive two confirmation emails: the first when your application form has been submitted, and the second when we have received both letters of recommendation

Beginning February 1, click HERE to apply now or log in to your application.