We have made it a priority to provide more than just financial support to our scholars. Each scholar is assigned one to two mentors in their field to offer support and guidance. Scholars are instructed to reach out to their mentors personally to set up a time to meet or speak by phone. Our goal is to ensure mentors lend guidance on entering and navigating their profession, as well as encourage our scholars to learn networking skills. Each mentor is encouraged to introduce their scholar to contacts or colleagues to assist in this networking. We encourage mentor-scholar pairs to stay in touch throughout their time in Washington (at least once a month) and hopefully beyond the end of the internship.

Additionally, the Foundation will provide the scholar with a short list of “coffee dates”, or other people within their chosen profession or interest as another opportunity to gain professional advice and networking skills. We encourage anyone interesting in helping guide these student through the early phase of her career to volunteer to be added to our Mentor list.

The time commitment for a mentor is relatively small, approximately 2 hours per month, for the length of the scholars internship. The Foundation does provide instruction and support to mentors before and during their mentorship period. Currently, all of our scholars participate in summer internships, and thus the mentorship period is from approximately May to September.

If you are interested in serving as a mentor or coffee date, please contact Kristen Hecht at Kristen@barudolphfoundation.org.