The one and only Pat Benatar, along with producer/songwriter Linda Perry, created a new song, “Shine”, which is an anthem, protest, and rallying cry for women’s rights to accompany the Women’s March on Washington on January 21, 2017. 

The song is part of the Shine Together Movement, inspiring women through song to support each other and affect positive change in government and the world.  To become the change we want to see because when we shine together, we shine brighter.

The Shine Together Movement wanted to help make a tangible difference in women’s lives – particularly those seeking careers in government and public service – so they chose the B. A. Rudolph Foundation to receive the song’s proceeds. All proceeds from “Shine” will directly fund women receiving the Undergraduate and Graduate Public Service Scholarships and the STEM Scholarship. This incredible donation will allow us to continue to support driven young women who seek to make a difference in the world, just as we have worked to do over the last five years.

Buy The Song

Support the B. A. Rudolph Foundation and the Shine Together Movement by purchasing the song at iTunes, Amazon or Google Play! The song costs .69 cents, drawing attention to the gender wage gap in the United States.