The goal of the Ambassador Program is to consistently increase awareness and uptake of our scholarship services each year, and to maintain a loyal outreach contact base.

We are recruiting individuals who are willing to represent the Foundation and formalize their role in our outreach campaign, by reaching out to a target number of new organizations. Appropriate organizations are primarily colleges or universities, and/or organizations that take unpaid interns. Alternatives may include organizations that may be interested in forming partnerships to further a common goal. Preferably, the Ambassador will have an existing personal or professional relationship with their outreach contact, in order to increase that organization’s investment in our mission and support of potential applicants and scholars.

We encourage each Ambassador to set a personal goal for the number of organizations to connect with, however we do ask for a minimum of two. We ask that they provide the organization with information regarding our scholarship programs, explain the importance and value of our mission, act as liaison between the organization and the foundation, and maintain contact at minimum of once per year. We would be happy to provide content for an email or talking points if it would be helpful.

For more information or if you would like to be an Ambassador, please email Kristen at