By B.A. Rudolph Foundation Staff

As we wind down yet another successful year of blog writing, we want to take a moment to reflect and give thanks to everyone that has contributed their ideas, expertise, and more to our community. We’ve seen a lot of incredible pieces, but there are always those that never leave your head entirely. That’s right, we’re counting down our six favorite blogs of the year, and revisiting the lessons we’ve been taught by some BA women (and men, too!). 

6. Women & Natural Hair by Sacred Huff
Not only was this the first blog written by a 2018 B.A. Rudolph Foundation alumna, but it was also an incredible think-piece about natural hair in a time rife with discussions about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Alumna Sacred recounts her own personal experience, as well as shares trends in the natural hair movement that pertain to women of color’s confidence. 

5. Women & Compliments by Amanda Lepof
Amanda Lepof, one of our 2018 Intern Supervisors at the American Red Cross, wrote this piece on the detrimental power of compliments for women in business. Lepof shows us how to take steps to combat compliments that are unproductive to women in the workplace. By doing so, she argues, we may one day be able to advance women in every industry. 

4. Women & Motherhood by Michelle Williams
As a foundation who focuses on the professional AND personal development of women, we were thrilled to see this blog post about one of the most difficult jobs: motherhood. Michelle Williams, a 2016 Graduate Public Service Scholar, recounts her experience in deciding to make a change in her career, juggling motherhood with professional edification, and more! A must read for all. 

Mary Bruce headshot3. Women & Money by Mary Bruce
While we may be a little biased, we LOVE this blog by our new Executive Director Mary Bruce. We were excited to welcome Mary to the team back in January, but we fell head over heels for this blog in April. Mary shares her big girl advice for savings, investing, and retirement. After reading, more than one of us opened IRAs of our own! 

2. Women & Friendship by Wooten Epes
One of our favorite blogs each year is published in February, the month we most celebrate B.A. for her life and legacy. This year, guest author Wooten Epes writes about meeting B.A. back during the Clinton Gubernatorial Campaign in 1978. His insights, after almost 25 years of friendship, remind us of why we work each day to improve the lives of women in our community and beyond!

1. Women & Intern Advice by B.A. Rudolph Foundation Alumnae
In case you haven’t heard, our alumnae are incredible! Each year, we gear up to support a new intern class, but that’s only a small piece of the pie. Each summer, 20,000 interns come to D.C. to gain experience. This blog, written with the help of our alumnae, gives them the inside scoop for how to excel in their intern roles. 

While we only counted down six of our favorite blogs from this year, be sure to check out all of them on our Blog page. We love hearing from our community, and if you’re interested in contributing next year, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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