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January 2017

The B.A. Rudolph Foundation Receives Donation from Proceeds of Pat Benatar and Linda Perry’s “Shine”

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The B.A. Rudolph Foundation announced on Friday, January 20, 2017 that they will be the beneficiaries of all proceeds from the sale of the song “Shine” by Pat Benatar and Linda Perry. Shine is an anthem, protest, and rallying cry for women’s rights to accompany the Women’s March on Washington on January 21st. The song is part of the Shine…

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Women & Hope

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by Maggie Moore, Meredith Moore, & Rebecca Davis We, B.A.’s girls, spent most of 2016 thinking that our next president would be a woman. Failing that, we at minimum hoped for the election of someone who supported women’s rights and dignity. We even planned our 2016 Pathways to Public Service event around it: we asked Amy Walter, a highly respected…

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