The B. A. Rudolph Foundation Launches Five Year Report & White Paper

On November 18, 2016, The B. A. Rudolph Foundation hosted the third annual Pathways to Public Service event. In addition to celebrating its five year anniversary, the Foundation published two reports: “Five Years of Impact” and “Leveling the Playing Field”.


The B.A. Rudolph Foundation’s “Five Years of Impact” report describes its accomplishments since its founding in 2011 and demonstrates how the organization has impacted the lives of 38 smart, driven women as they launch their professional career in Washington, D.C. and throughout the nation. To view the report, go to


In addition to its five year report, the B.A. Rudolph Foundation published an accompanying white paper titled “Leveling the Playing Field” that describes the current state of the field of internships in the U.S. The report establishes the importance of internships, the disparities that exist preventing populations from seizing such opportunities for professional development, and recommendations for ways to level the internship playing field. To view the report, go to

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