In 2015, we will be able to significantly expand our services. We will implement two new scholarships: an undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) scholarship, and a Public Service scholarship for graduate level students.

The Graduate Public Service Scholarship will be based on the same model of the current DC Summer Intern Scholarship, currently available only for undergraduates. The DC Summer Intern Scholarship will be renamed the Undergraduate Public Service Scholarship, to allow for proper distinction between the two. The Graduate Public Service Scholarship will also be available to students seeking internships in the Washington Metropolitan Area, with a focus on civic engagement and responsibility.

The STEM Scholarship will be an exciting new challenge for us, as it will not be based on Washington, D.C., but instead will be available to undergraduate students across the United States. These students will be seeking internships in the sciences, whether they be laboratory, clinical, or office based. Meredith and Rebecca will be jointly spearheading this initiative, as each have created careers based on their love for the sciences.

In the inaugural year, each scholarship will consist of 2-3 scholars.

Additional details to come!